Many companies reach a point during their development when they struggle to obtain additional financing to achieve their growth potential. Together with our clients, we study their capital/financing requirements and develop a plan for raising funds from our ample network of institutional investors from Europe and US, which our partners have built up during their professional careers. We have also been successful implementing creative structures that provide creditors and investors comfort, while allowing the companies sufficient flexibility to continue growing their business.


We have extensive experience with both: a) companies experiencing liquidity issues, implementing successful turnarounds and restructuring balance sheets and operations; and b) creditors who are experiencing trouble with the repayment of their credits.


Combining financial, operational and legal expertise, we bring strategic but practical solutions to our clients. We have learned that sometimes a third party is necessary for the successful resolution of problems, as relationships in these situations become highly emotional. We design and handle the negotiation process with debtors and creditors, and lead the other relevant advisors and lawyers maximizing the chances of a successful result for our clients.


Most shareholders and top managers dedicate their full time to running their companies, which makes it difficult for them to quantify the value of their companies or individual businesses. Even more difficult for them is to identify which are the key drivers under their control to increase the value and to quantify the potential impact of changes. Periodic valuations of a company and measurement of key performance indicators (KPI’s) provide invaluable insights about the current status, what can be improved, how much could be achieved; and to prepare for a potential acquisition, divestiture, merger or other game-changing decision.


At DBA we believe that every business has an ideal shareholding structure, depending on the phase of the company’s life cycle.


We help our clients to periodically evaluate their businesses and those of others, determine if a partial or total change of ownership would make sense for them, quantify the potential benefits, identify the most attractive counterparties (i.e. strategic partner), negotiate the best deal and bring it to completion in the shortest and most efficient possible way.

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